It might be a hassle trying to come across a truly compatible icon (which can also, sometimes, be unique from basic or traditional app logos)— a design that acts as a great base for customizing/editing and already set with a transparent background. So, here you go! This includes some of the harder-to-find app icons of choice. With exceptional edits for easy accessibility and an app fitted format, unlike anywhere else.

PNG images with a transparent background are excellent for acquiring a specific icon and being able to edit details— such as to change the icon color and background; to add depth, shadowing, artistic touches and stickers, or other personalization— when utilizing said image in many different design apps/editing programs. Have a favorite ‘designer’ app? (A list of such apps and programs is an almost, virtually, limitless list— though some examples of platforms in your back packet might include the graphic/digital design apps like… Canva, PicsArt, Adobe Express, Canvas, Procreate Pocket, GoDaddy Studio, and so, so many more…. Even one or the apps for which I’ve surveyed far beyond a mere handful of times: is, just again, another platform or compatible-yet-easy way for you to insert a transparent-background image of an icon, for example, within the little app icon editing system; comprising of the ability to change the color and adjust any other like-features; for the purpose of giving it your own “look” within the pretty-straightforward or basic use of the iOS app, Widgethub—as literally just one, additional example consisting of the many upon many possible examples of the any-variety of useable platforms/programs/apps/systems positively capable of customizing/“creating your own app icons with the use of PNG-image app icons with a transparent background).

The *A to Z* alphabetized collection of transparent app icons provided here on my site, SchemesandThemes(/ transparent), comprising of varying possible aesthetics—whether any icon image is posted as either a(n):

a. clickable and FREE option; set up for you to click and “Save-to-Photos” directly to your phone/iPhone’s photo album (or files…or wherever you like to store & organize your images) and the same being true if not on your phone, but if on any other compatible device such as your desktop or laptop computer, iPad/tablet, or wherever and whatever. (Oh, and, p.s., the “free” option is quite often found as the norm in these circumstances)

b. or as an “Add-to-Cart” transaction

Simply save (and/or download) the chosen transparent image(s) and bring them up with in the confines of your favorite-ly-used design(er) program/app— where the image is set to then appropriately appear in its “no-background” format (i.e. “transparent background”)…. Alllll ready for you to create and customize! Limited only by your imaginative gifts of editing possibilities.

a computer mouse icon on a black background